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Property maintenance is the application of cleaning, safety checks, and repairs throughout residential buildings. Applying an active property maintenance strategy increases the satisfaction of tenants and guests and thereby improves a company’s reputation which in return leads to higher retention of tenants and repeat business from visitors.

Property Maintenance

Some forms of maintenance are classed as routine and used to maintain properties but the majority the maintenance is reactive. Routine maintenance includes building walkthroughs, regular cleaning, and HVAC filter replacements whereas reactive maintenance including repairs to drains, appliance failures, electrical faults and flooding.

Building Maintenance and Factoring

Companies that own apartment complexes, hotels and community living buildings like retirement homes benefit the most from property maintenance. These buildings often have a boiler, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, and one or more elevators that need to be serviced. They also have large spaces like hallways, common areas, and parking lots that need to be cleaned.

The Importance of Maintenance

In an apartment or house, a tenant notices a leak coming from the ceiling, so they may submit a maintenance request through a website or building portal. The property manager is notified of this request and assigns it to a technician. After the technician finds a temporary solution, they contact a plumbing contractor that permanently fixes the problem.

This process can take hours or days, but by utilising property maintenance professionals we would fix the leak as soon as possible by leveraging the skills of in-house technicians and relationships with local tradespeople.

Property Maintenance
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