Building Factoring Services

Building Factoring Services

We can assist with a wide variety of factoring services to maintain and clean all aspects of your properties and their surroundings.

Our Factoring Services

A Factor is appointed by the owners in a block of flats to look after the general management and administration of the block. On behalf of owners we can provide a comprehensive Factoring Service to ensure that the common parts of our buildings and developments are maintained to the highest possible standard.

Our Factoring Services Include

  • Routine Repairs: Day-to-day repairs in response to requests received.
  • Planned Maintenance: Work which is done in regular ‘cycles’, for example, the painting of the common parts every 5 years, plus the system of planning in advance for major items of work such as replacing the roof or windows.
  • Major Repairs: A large job such as replacing the roof or dealing with a dry rot outbreak, which may be urgent or unplanned.
  • Improvements: Replacing an existing item with something of a better quality, or adding something new to improve the building.

In providing an effective management and administration service to owners we will:

  • Maintain detailed records of each block and of individual flats;
  • Record full details of repairs and other charges for the common areas of the block;
  • Share out (apportion) the costs for repairs, cyclical and planned maintenance, major repairs and any other services between the owners in a block;
  • Advise owners on and consult with owners, where required, regarding planned maintenance, and major repairs;
  • Set a fair management charge to cover our costs of providing a factoring service to owners;
  • Issue regular accounts to owners, and pro-actively follow up any outstanding payments;
  • Deal with enquiries relating to the factoring service and accounts which have been issued;
  • Provide information about the factoring service to all factored owners either directly by mail or indirectly through articles in our newsletter, Almond View, a copy of which will be sent to each factored owner.
Building Factoring Services
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