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Network infrastructure is a vital component of modern business operations. It ensures businesses have effective connectivity, communication and management between users, equipment, and external networks.

Failure to have an effective IT network infrastructure in place can lead to dramatic inefficiencies for your business down the road. Particularly for businesses looking to grow and develop, having a network that can support all business operations and requirements should be one of the top priorities.

Network Infrastructure Services

We’ve listed out a few of the main elements of a network infrastructure below. Every business is different and likely to require tailored network designs and installation, but hopefully, this quick guide can introduce the main parts of a network.

  • Cabling: Cabling lies at the heart of network infrastructures and helps provide a channel to pass data, voice and communication through. Reliability is extremely important when it comes to cabling. That’s why we only use the very best cabling equipment, including Cat 5, Cat 6, and Optical Fibre. Telecoms cabling can also be integrated into other business systems, such as fire and security. This can mean only one installation and system is required to cover a range of purposes.
  • Routers & Switches: Routers assist in directing data and communication within an IT network. They help ensure the right bits of data end up in the right place. They read the incoming data and send it to the required destination between networks.
  • Switches: Switches on the other hand help connect all the different parts of technology together: phones, mobiles, laptops, servers, screens, lights, etc. Network switches help all these different elements of the network “talk” to each other, helping create a powerful communication system.
  • Firewalls and Security: The security and safety of your business information, data and communication channels can’t be ignored. Firewalls and other security measures help ensure a network is safe and secure. Firewalls operate on a set of rules and control what is allowed in the network based on this.
  • Wi-Fi: Business-grade Wi-Fi and connectivity is something that all businesses should value and invest in. Wi-Fi connectivity can also be an integral part of businesses in industries such as travel and hospitality. Offering Wi-Fi to customers can be a key ingredient in delivering a service that your customers expect.
  • Computers, Servers and other Devices: Computers and servers play a key role in modern-day business. Your business may opt for a physical server or decide on using cloud storage. If you’d like to understand what is best for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can offer recommendations based on your specific business.
Network Infrastructure
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