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Our managed IT solution gives you the peace of mind that comes from having a safe, secure and scalable IT environment in place today, alongside the reassurance from having a strategic roadmap to ensure your systems are ready for the future.

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IT is an essential business-critical service required by many SMEs, whether it’s for delivering emails, despatching orders or just chasing unpaid debts. At some point in your company’s growth office technology becomes too important for trial and error fixes and businesses looking for an IT support service to provide some stability.

Typically, IT support services can be grouped into three levels: break/fix, pro-active, and fully managed. These provide rising levels of service and pricing with the different levels of support appealing to different sized organisations.

  • Break/Fix Support: A “break/fix” support service does what it says - if a computer or network breaks someone will fix it. Usually, an IT engineer will try to diagnose and fix the problem remotely. This could be via the telephone or allowing the engineer to control the computer via a remote session. For the more stubborn problems, an engineer can also visit the premises for an onsite visit. This type of support works well for any budget-conscious organisation that isn’t too IT-dependent and is happy to tackle problems as they crop up.
  • Pro-active support: Pro-active support aims to prevent problems by monitoring the health of computers and networks. If a computer starts to run out of disk space, for example, an alert is raised, and the IT support company would spring into action before the machine seizes up. Preventing problems is a must for businesses that rely heavily on their computers and needs to minimise outages.
  • Fully-managed services: The top tier support is often referred to as a fully managed service. This is a much broader offering where the support company effectively acts as an outsourced IT department. As the name suggests there is an element of someone acting as your IT manager here. A managed service is the best option if you don’t want to be involved in managing your IT, want the minimum downtime and the fastest response. It does require a bigger budget and a high degree of trust though.
IT Support
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