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Hotel and Hospitality maintenance management is as crucial for these business sectors as it is for offices. Supervising the physical facility, as well as the systems within it, can be challenging. The key to managing it all is planning and doing so with a maintenance management contract tailored to your property.

Hospitality Maintenance

Hospitality maintenance is the upkeep of the various systems and components used in the hospitality industry. These systems include general building operations such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, but also many needs specific to hotels, holiday lets, apartments and their customers. These specific needs are varied, and their scope depends on the size of the property and the services on offer.

The importance of maintenance

On average, hospitality premises charge a little under £100 per night. If there is a significant problem in any of the properties or rooms it rents, it means a loss of £100 each night that a room or property needs repairs. In the case of a hotel, if the repair work requires multiple rooms to be shut down for a few days during a busy season, that amount quickly escalates.

Places that can benefit

The hospitality industry includes several types of hotels, all of which have their own maintenance needs.

  • Hotels: An average hotel needs a wide variety of maintenance work, including heating, cooling, plumbing, lighting, groundskeeping, electronic equipment, and many other maintenance services.
  • Serviced apartments: Residential properties offer longer stay times or more suitable for families and friends, and their maintenance needs tend to resemble those of apartments rather than hotels. Even so, their maintenance needs are still quite varied.
  • Resorts: Resorts located in remote locations have unique maintenance needs. Often, they need to supply their electricity, water, and waste disposal, all while keeping up on the additional features they offer. Examples of extra features include golf courses, skiing, and swimming.
  • Timeshare rentals: Renters purchase accommodations for a certain period each year, and they are often responsible for funding some of the maintenance of the property.
Hotel & Apartments
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